Immediate Post-Brexit Thoughts

Previously shared on my Facebook:

“In this post-Brexit atmosphere of doom and gloom, I’d like to offer an alternative depiction of the situation as it stands. 

Although I was not as personally invested in this debate as many of my British friends were, I believed from the very beginning that Britain should remain in the EU. I am shocked at the outcome of the referendum, and I feel anxious about the consequences of this decision for the UK, Europe and the rest of the world. 

Such moments of grave uncertainty, confusion and disbelief are undesirable. But they are also opportunities for great leaders to emerge, pick up the pieces, and inspire people to keep moving forward. Now is the time for enterprising visionaries to offer solutions – solutions that may pale in comparison to remaining in the EU, but are necessary nonetheless.

I say this not because I’ve defected to the Leave camp. Neither is this an endorsement of any of the prospective leaders – BoJo, Gove or Farage – or their policies. I write this to encourage many of my friends who feel tempted to throw their hands up in despair. I’m trying to teach myself to always focus on solutions and not on problems – policies above politics. I often fail in this regard, but I hope that many of my friends – regardless of which camp they’re in – will have the tenacity and stoicism to forge a new path forward and bash on regardless.”